How I Came by the Name OSTREETSTEVE

After spending years in and out of rehearsal & recording studios with bands and solo projects which I will write about in "THE JOURNEY SO FAR (THE  PRE-SEQUEL),I decided to build one with a friend in the East Bay. Eric Wood ,myself,many close friends and  brothers built a great rehearsal studio complete with sound,stage and lights.The sound &  vibe was the and word got out.We had some names acts in there and many different kind of bands, including the band I had at the time "Common Bond"Although some were great and some not so great, the thing was, the studio had an O street address and I was the dude running it.. SO,people would say "go down to Ostreetstudios and ask for Steve".Hence "Ostreetsteve"and I'm proud to have it.The Studio had a long life as a rehearsal studio with 8-track recording and a short life as an 48 track automated studio.9 years in all and I wouldn't trade the experience for nothing as hard as it was some months."Baby's Back" was tracked on a tascam at "OstreetStudios"(lo-fi).         There's always something true about this music we call business and that is "if the song grab you and took you somewhere cool and interesting for awhile then it did it's job.Rather it's a paying job or not can be another story.The truth of it is:"If your'll do it...and that's all there is... to it ". Thanks a ton for listening and more is coming.Ostreetsteve.